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1. AMI Forensic Meth Screening Test Kit ( DYI kit suitable for one-off property and vehicle testing) 
2. AMI accredited testing (suitable for property management groups, real-estate agents, home buyers and landlords, AMI testing & reporting)
 3. AMI – End of tenancy property checking. Full property check with a report that is GPS, date and time stamped
4. AMI Property Cleaning (Full management of property remediation inclusive of Hygienist tests and certificate of clearance) AMI Consultancy (Servicing large Companies, Mining, Government departments etc. looking for solutions / advice)

AMI Meth Testing Kit

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Suitable for one-off property and vehicle testing.

DIY test kits include 2 x Testing Kits.

Best choice for:
• Cars
• Boats
• Single room
• Concerned parents

Contents – DIY Forensic Screening Kit.

• 2 Screening Forensic Tests for (Meth)Amphetamines
• 2 Special Buffer Solution Dropper
• 2 Cotton Swabs
• 2 Templates
• Instruction Sheet

Property Testing

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Standard Screening
AMI trained and accredited testers carry out a standard screening of the property. AMI screening kits will determine a positive or negative result. AMI’s reporting procedure records all tests carried out with a full photographic journal detailing the location, date and time of test.

This is done using AMI’s cloud based real time reporting system, a process compliant with both OSHA and NIOSH. If the reading is above 0.5μg/100cm², an AMI report provides you the necessary information to make an informed decision on what to do next. AMI can also provide training and testing kits for property owners and property managers wanting to carry out their own tests.

Meth management

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The perfect solution for screening between tenants, pre-purchasing and pre-sales screening.

AMI’S cloud based real time reporting gives you peace of mind when buying, leasing and selling.
• Regular meth testing between tenancies at a discounted rate.
• Test history and documented reference.
• Establishes meth status at the start of tenancy & provides ongoing meth management between tenancies.
• Provides evidence of meth history for the property.

Positive Test Result?

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What to do if you have a positive test result? AMI can guide you through a full Meth Management process for contaminated property. Our service is CONFIDENTIAL and provides a detailed property inspection by certified AIOH* hygienists. AMI can guide you through:
• Understanding and action a Remedial Action Plan (RAP);
• Authorised contaminated waste disposal;
• Full / partial property cleaning;
• Final contamination clearance certification;
• Insurance claims;
• Ongoing property monitoring. *Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH)

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