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Australian Meth inspectors (AMI) was formed in support of the Australian Governments War on Drugs. The use and manufacture of Methamphetamine/Ice has become a wide spread Public Health issue in the community. A property “Meth” contamination problem results from the smoking or the manufacture of Meth and can happen in any type of property, including motor vehicles. Meth contamination is a dangerous HIDDEN HEALTH HAZARD and may result in significant costs to property owners and investors. Australian Meth Inspectors (AMI) is committed to increasing public awareness and providing the latest information available by health professionals and industry leaders.

Our mission: Protect People and Protect Property

Thousands of Australians are at some level of public health risk, many are already suffering effects, from the illicit operations of clan labs, and this continues to increase. It is likely that tens of thousands of non-users in premises where ice has been smoked are also at some level of incidental public health risk. (enHealth Guidance on Public Health Risks, January 2017)

Operational Nation-Wide

Nationwide leaders
AMI operate Nation-Wide as a dedicated team of testing and cleaning professionals committed to protecting people and property from the costly, sickening affects  of Methamphetamine use. AMI testing methods meet or exceed the highest industry standards, our personnel are trained, experienced and operate with absolute confidentiality.

AMI Services

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1. DIY AMI Forensic Meth Screening Test Kit (suitable for one-off property and vehicle testing)
2. AMI accredited testing (suitable for property management groups, real-estate agents, home buyers and landlords, AMI testing & reporting)
3. AMI – End of tenancy property checking. Full property check with a report that is GPS, date and time stamped
4. AMI Property Cleaning (Full management of property remediation inclusive of Hygienist tests and certificate of clearance)
5. AMI Consultancy (Servicing large Companies, Mining, Government departments etc. looking for solutions / advice)

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May 5, 2021

This is a test summary of my blog article

Smash the state's drug problem

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May 5, 2021

Across the state, ice seizures and arrests, hospital admissions, deaths and the number of children being removed from addicted parents have all soared in the past few years, with many indicators continuing to climb.

Meth labs and clean ups

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May 5, 2021

The methamphetamine scourge in Queensland is not only taking its toll in human misery, but also creating a nightmare for property managers and owners who have to clean up after the clandestine drug manufacturing operations.

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